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“i” before “e”…

Monday, December 1st, 2008

So apparently the strip went up today with a misspelling¬† of the word “complimentary”. (actually, to be fair, it was more of a “miss-usage”, as the word was technically spelled correctly).

It only took two of us to completely overlook the mistake when we were putting it together, and one of us has a master degree in English. (I’m not sayin’ who that is…but the truth is out there on “teh internets” for those brave enough to take up the quest… or those bored enough to search the bio section on

A big shout out to a faithful reader (who’s name shall remain anonymous, because Stephen didn’t tell me who it was) who caught the mistake and was gracious enough to tell us how dumb we are.

We at OLG would like to offer you a complimentary re-posting of today’s strip, with the corrected word.